The Buying Process

Buying your first home is one of the biggest financial commitments you will make in your life, which whilst exciting can be fraught with stress and worry.

Assured Mortgage Advice will help you through every stage of the process, always providing valuable and useful information that will make the whole experience far less daunting.

Step 1

Speak to us and get an agreement in principal from a lender to establish your borrowing potential. In this meeting we will:  

  • explain our services and how we can help you
  • complete Agreement In Principle (AIP)
  • explain mortgage costs
  • explain mortgage schemes

Step 2

Find your ideal home. Speak to us for advice and we will put in an offer on the property.

Step 3

Meet with us to finalise your mortgage and protection arrangements. We will complete paperwork:

  • recommend the most suitable mortgage scheme
  • recommend appropriate protection arrangements
  • upfront fees/costs paid, such as valuation/survey fee and arrangement fee (could be added to the loan)

Step 4

A survey and/or valuation is carried out and local searches undertaken.

Step 5

Mortgage offer made by lender.

Step 6

Speak to us to ensure all arrangements are in place before the exchange. We will:

  • review mortgage offer
  • review protection arrangements
  • explain what happens next

Step 7

Exchange of contracts. Desposit paid on exchange completion, as well as additional costs such as:

  • conveyancing
  • stampduty
  • removals

Step 8

Completion! You’re all ready to move in to your new home!